So we are coming up on an intermission. Tomorrow’s comic will be the exact mid-point of the story arc, so I feel like that’s a safe spot to take a break. I’m going out of town this weekend and won’t be able to keep working on the story arc. To avoid losing a decent chunk of my buffer which would mean the comic potentially having days it doesn’t post right during the middle of the climax, I’d rather choose to have a week long break now where I can rebuild said buffer and then continue like normal. The story arc is about 14 pages from being completely finished.

If you haven’t already guessed, the timeliness of this story arc required me getting it done before the election. I actually started it two weeks earlier than planned, so as a result it will conclude about a week before the actual election, factoring in the intermission.

So yeah, tomorrow’s comic will be the last before the intermission, then they will continue posting on Oct 2nd. Sorry for the pause, thanks for reading!