Now it’s time to tackle a topic of annoyance in new gen technology: mandatory installs ._.

Before I get into that, quick news concerning my friends at Comic Chameleon! The Android version of the comics app goes live this Wednesday! So if you’ve got yourself an Android phone, be sure to give it a download. Austin’s Inferno readers with the app usually get to read the new comics a couple hours earlier. Another plus is there’s a ton of other significantly better comics such as Questionable Content and Lunarbaboon. SO be sure to check it out!

If you are not an iTunes or Android user, give the good folks a tweet @ComicChameleon. They’re very dedicated to getting this app available to the world, and once they’ve gotten the Android app solidified, feedback could determine which platform gets the app next! *cough cough* Windows Phone *coughhhhh*

So, back on topic. I’ll admit I don’t know much about Xbox One’s hardware as far as if the games are incapable of running without the install. But I’ll assume for the time being that there isn’t a hardware alternative that allows a game to be played just off the disc alone. SO with that assumption, a plus of owning a digital copy of a game is that you get to install it like a week ahead of time and simply start playing at midnight of the release.

I feel like if that can be done for a digital copy, to install a game entirely onto the console but it’s locked from being played until release, this should be possible with a hard install directly from the disc. Like retailers can release the game to the public a day early, then everyone can go home and get a jump on the installation and start playing it right at midnight. Sure, it takes the fun out of midnight launch parties but it also means people can, once again, start playing at midnight without having to wait for the install to reach a point where it can be played.