This is technically the conclusion to the comic, however I added one more page since finishing the story arc as a sort of epilogue that I’m just gonna post tomorrow. So with this being the original conclusion, I think now I shall do my end-of-story-arc run down.

SO this has been a plot line I’ve had stored for a very long time, more or less around the time I launched the web comic. I thought it’d be fun to make a story arc about high school mock elections, and to make things even more ridiculous, make people actually give a shit about it. I considered doing it during the Obama-Romney election season, but decided against it for a multitude of reasons. One being that I honestly had decent respect for both of those candidates and villainizing either of them would feel forced, but mostly that Halo 4 was coming out at the time and that was where my mind was, to be completely honest. Heh-heh. Oops.

When this election snuck up on me, I realized how perfect it was. Never have their been two more despised candidates. People “vote against” every year, but never to this degree. I watched people like Bernie who were so well liked be shrugged aside for candidates who completely divided their parties. I still don’t understand it. But I can laugh at it, and that’s what I did. At one time I was going to fictionalize the candidates entirely, basically just a generic Republican and generic Democrat. But once Hilldawg and Donald Duck became the nominees, I was sold on putting them in the comic. I still added a touch of fiction to each one, primarily their names. But I also liked the idea of making Drumpf a Washington Union alumni, revealing that he had some effect on the town before moving to New York that had regularly been referenced in the story so far.

Back during the Obama-Romney season, when this was just a concept, it was actually going to end with Austin willingly pitting the candidates in a live Halo match with fully functional armor and real weapons. They would die in the most glorious of stale mates, and Austin would vote based on some unknown reasoning he deduced from watching the battle. By the time I revisited the concept, I had fallen in love with the beautiful work of art that is Pacific Rim. And we know what happens next.

There was one secondary story line I didn’t get to do since by the time I started working on this, I was cramped on time. But Jesse Falk was actually going to be a villain in the story arc as well. His continued presence in the school was going to push the anti-alien sentiment that Drumpf would ride to gain votes from Union. This was Jacob’s (And Christian’s who would have appeared in the story arc had I done this plot line) reasoning for voting Drumpf, with his fear of Jesse’s eventual retaliation making him agree with the idea of making it harder for outsiders to visit Easton. I abandoned this side story before finishing the entire script, so I am not actually sure how it was going to tie in to the climax.

Maddie was brought into this very recently. Even just the decision to have her be a writer for the Hatchet was new. A theme in this series is Austin learning how to not be a selfish immature little prick, and regularly presenting him with situations where he has to be more responsible is one of the ways that is explored. I figure Austin shouldn’t be expected to take a responsibility to a nation seriously if he can’t handle a responsibility to a single person.

I hope everyone enjoyed the story arc! I promise this is very likely the last political themed story line we are ever going to see.