One hour into my first play through of an Elder Scrolls Online beta, and this happened. I’m not complaining. One could argue that a huge piece of what makes an MMO fun is the type of people you run into.

Now that ESO has launched, I can admit without any doubt that I was wrong. ESO is the MMO that deserves to be pay to play. Once you’ve seen the massive PvP battles, there’s no denying that the money is being well spent. It goes against my every desire as a gamer that this game ever go free to play.

Anyways, onto other business. I leave for WonderCon Thursday morning. My online presence throughout the weekend may not be too active. I’ll be sharing some filler art for Friday’s post, and I may or may not do sketches based on the shenanigans that take place at the convention that will be shared Monday. So expect regular comics to resume, at the latest, next Wednesday.

I know that one of my readers will be at the convention. So for his sake and for the sake of anyone else who may be there, if you wanna chill and talk about all the nerd stuff, I’ll be this guy:

Halo clothes

Unless they aren’t cranking that A.C., in which case I’ll be in any other varying degree of Halo themed T-shirts. The helmet will always remain though. Forever. <3