Sorry for the lateness of this comic. Yesterday was probably one of the most insane days ever. In a bad way. Anyways.

343 released a new promotional campaign for the next Halo. It’s an audio narrative from the point of view of a war journalist (for the uber nerds who follow the comics, its the guy from the Halo Graphic Novel story “Second Sunrise Over New Mombassa”). I’m 99% certain its also the same person interviewing Doctor Halsey at the opening of Halo 4.

I wanted to do a comic about it. I had some other ideas, all of them being the journalist basically stalking Master Chief while he tried to pee or something. Which is more the behavior of tabloid “journalists” than actual journalists. Which led to this idea. I enjoyed making up the other tabloid articles, particularly Batman’s just because its so absurd. Also, Link’s quote hahahaha

Oh and I guess this is the 500th comic or something, whatever.