Assuming you need the context for this easter egg from Halo 5. I actually came across it on my first play through and was very happy. I ship it so hard.

Also there’s this and the Usze x Vale ship. Halo is earning a new sci-fi merit: The Cross-Species Alien Romance. Not quite there since none of these ships are official but just the fact that there’s an Elite in game who was writing a love poem for a human female shows we’re on the right track.

So I’m going to start a mini-arc on Wednesday that will run for at most 13 pages and then starts a longer arc that is testing out a new story telling style. This may change since I’ve got some huge career based things happening in my life but whether that happens or not, I should still be able to try that arc out. Don’t want to spoil anything just yet, but I’m going to be trying out reader input to directly influence what happens. So let’s hope that works out! haha

Oh and the main cast is actually returning this week so yay no more fan fictions haha