My last comic about the relationship between Halsey and Palmer.

I was anticipating these two being at each other’s throats in Halo 5 considering everything that happened in Halo 4. I was surprised that for the most part they got along pretty decently haha It was actually really refreshing, Palmer’s attitude toward Halsey seemed at most times overkill in Halo 4 and made her less likable.

The Halo comic series Escalation hasn’t actually concluded its story arc taking place just before Halo 5, so maybe something goes down between the two characters that takes away the bitterness. I’m going to wager Halsey saves Palmer. Despite her defection to the Covenant at the ending of Halo 4, that was always implied as a means to her end of eventually helping humanity, as complex as that situation became.

I’m disappointed 343 decided to continue the entire story of Halsey working with the Covenant in the comics rather than in game. Would have been more interesting.