This is the first time I ever integrated a rant into my comic. Now prepare for that rant to continue in the blog.

What the shit is this shit with shitty ass Greedo? Is that really the best character they could scrape up for the friggin Battlefront DLC? Gee, maybe limiting the timeline to the originals was a shitty idea. Like everyone was saying from the start.

Honestly it’s not like the Battlefront franchise was some sacred piece of continuity. I recall my favorite level was Mos Eisley where everyone is playing as heroes and Darth Maul can fight Luke Skywalker and and Han Solo can get cut down by General Grevious. No one playing these games ever gave a crap about the timeline. Just pool into the stinkin prequel characters. Their point about keeping the timeline accurate is shit anyways. Greedo never fought in the war. Accuracy is already not important.

It’s all a pointless debate since everything that is EA’s Battlefront has been shit. I absolutely hate that game, it represents everything I think is wrong with the industry. I’m glad I didn’t cave and buy it. At this point, it’s just something to laugh at to me.

Maybe they’ll actually make a sequel to Battlefront next time around and not just some Battlefield skin. Or not. Because why give the consumer what they want? Sure, people still bought the game. But they were people who would have bought it if it was three hours of Chewbacca brushing his teeth. They missed an entire market that skipped the game because it wasn’t what Battlefront was supposed to be. Next time, they can either make a higher profit or they can pull this crap a second time.

Who’s excited for Battleshit Poo: Greedo’s Revenge?