This is my entry into the Helium Challenge, which is a fun little comic experiment. Rule is you draw characters getting all floaty with helium and then nominate another artist. For this, I nominate my friend Megan McKay, of Doodle For Food 😛

So I’m starting the next story arc on Monday. I finished writing this one out a few days ago. Initially, I had planned to launch Art Update 2.0 with this story arc. However I decided it didn’t fit with the overall change in direction I was trying to show off. (Though I recall that change in direction was to focus on story and not do three weeks of Halo comics so I guess I dropped the ball on that one, sorry guys) This story arc, without spoiling anything, isn’t very action centric, and it’s much shorter. I mean, it’s long compared to a year ago when my story arcs didn’t take 60+ pages to write, but shhhhhhh.

Nah I counted its like 20 something pages. If I don’t add/subtract any pages to it or get caught up with life and have to run filler art or a guest comic, or there isn’t some sort of video game thing that I come up with an idea for that I just HAVE to do, it’ll finish on March 20th. It’s one I actually planned and saved to do way back when I started the comic so hopefully you guys like it.