So we are a week away from the new story arc. I’ve been avoiding talking too much about it since I wasn’t sure how an experiment I was doing was going to turn out. But now that I’m at a point in which I can safely say I’ve pulled it off, even better than I had expected, I feel I can tell you what I’ve been up to.

Basically, what I was planning was to complete the story arc ahead of time, allowing me to post more updates than usual. The original plan was to finish the first half this month (so the first 20 pages) and post it on a five day Monday-Friday schedule. While that was posting, I would finish the second half and have it ready to post. However, something entirely unexpected happened. I completed the first half of the story arc two weeks ahead of schedule. Which means I got a two week head start on the second half.

Now I probably won’t have the WHOLE thing done before next Monday. But that’s irrelevant because I still have 28 pages worth of updates to finish the last 12. So its safe to say this experiment went a lot better than I had predicted.

So what does this mean for you? Instead of a Monday-Friday schedule, with the weekends providing a two day break, I will instead be posting them one per day. No breaks. No day between updates. No weekend between updates. Tuesday and Thursday? Hella comic. Saturday and Sunday? Hella comic. 40 days. 40 comics. It’s like I’m God raining comics down on all of you. You’re all gonna have to build an arc to survive the flood of comics I be throwing at ya. But you won’t build it in time, because this madness is launching next Monday, the 31st (which is the comic’s 4 year anniversary btw)

As far as this new method for completing the story arcs goes, this is the answer to a lot of my worries. This arc would have taken over three months to complete, and I’ve cut that time down to just under a month and a half. Will I be doing every single story arc like this? Maybe not. If I can tell the story in no more than 20 pages, I might just post it regularly because likelihood is it won’t be that complex a story to tell or have anything too exciting happening. But when we’re dealing with longer arcs with subplots and twists and turns, I know it feels best to experience each update with less time between. So this could be beneficial.

I guess the plan would be for longer story arcs that may push to, and I’m roughly guestimating here, 100-200 pages in length, can be cut up into smaller 30-60 page chunks with short intermissions in between that would help me rebuild the buffer.

Whatever happens, I’m excited to find this new method. I’m particularly excited about the new story arc as well.

What’s happening the rest of this week? Filler art on Wednesday, and a Spartan Talk comic on Friday. SO HURRAY AND STUFF.