So I’ve got a bit of news to relay, its not exactly the best news.

But I’ve recently been feeling really fatigued. Getting comics done on time is kind of difficult to do. Writing for the story arcs is going just fine, but the single page comics are more difficult to do. And the amount of time it takes to make them takes up all time I would be spending on writing the story arcs.

So starting next week I’m cutting back to one comic a week. I’ll (hopefully) be able to make sure each comic is the absolute best I can make it given the extra time, and still have time to focus on the story arcs. I mean, the story arcs really are my priority and when I hit a wall where I’m struggling to just get the story arc scripts written because all my time is focused on getting three comics a week done, I feel like I’m just holding my own series back. Like look at these assholes in this comic. I so desperately want to show you who they are and what they’re up to. With this schedule, I’ll be able to complete story arcs ahead of time and post them one a day, like I did with the Band Room story arc. Hopefully this will increase the rate that story arcs are told. Ideally, while one story arc is completed in its entirety and posting one per day, I would have the next one already in the works and by the time the first one concludes, I can immediately run the next one with maybe one to two weeks in between.

As I get a feel for things, I should be able to get back to two comics a week, which was where I was when I started the series. So to clarify, the posting will work like this:

Intermission Comics-  One per week (Friday most likely), with time this could move up to two a week (Tuesday and Friday)
Story arc Comics- One per day until concluded
Shrek Souls fan art- Here and there

This also frees up time to take care of other projects, such as the website. It has NEEDED a redo for years now, and I’ve got more than enough skills to make it happen. And part of remaking the site could possibly include fixing up the older comics a bit. I just need the time to comfortably complete these tasks while still providing comics for the readers.

For the time being, I’ve got some friends throwing some guest comics and art which will trickle in over the next month, so I’ll be sharing that with you guys too.

So I’m sorry for having to make this move. I feel like I’ve failed, like as a comic creator my goal should have been making quality comics at a faster rate, not struggling to make quality and having to cut back.