Today’s epic guest comic comes from Austin’s Inferno guest comic veteran David Barrentine. If the comic text seems a bit small, you can read the full size HERE. David had done a comic for me a few years ago, one that fans have decided to just make canon whether or not I’ve agreed to it. You can read that comic HERE.

David unfortunately no longer runs his web-comic Batteries Also Included. However, on top of many other awesome design projects, he is a freelance illustrator who makes very excellent work. You can follow him on his TWITTER, check out his excellent stuff on his DEVIANTART, and of course if you have need for it, by all means contact him about freelance work at his email:!

I think David is trying to send me a message with this comic. It has been a while since we’ve seen Easton’s resident cybernetic prehistoric monster take on Easton’s resident boy genius. Do not fear, I have something planned as we speak *WINK WINK* *WANK*

Did I write that last action in the blog post? SHIT.