That’s much more attractive looking than what I actually look like in real life.

Today’s guest comic comes from Chris Thomasma! Thanks for your help!

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So Jury Duty ended up amounting to Sitting In A Room Reading While Secretariat Played Duty. The case I was possibly going to jury on was dismissed for whatever reason, so I can focus on moving for the rest of the week. I packed a ton of stuff yesterday, mostly movies and my games. I’m ashamed of some of the movies I found. More or less the games I have. Why did I buy Watchmen the video game? It’s like there’s all these games I bought for the lols knowing they were bad and now I have them and I’m like “uhhhhhhhh”.

Anyways, maybe I can sell them for credit towards the next Halo or something. Some aren’t too bad. I mean if you like the earlier Call of Duties, they’re in there. Epic Mickey for the Wii wasn’t bad. Wasn’t great but total eye candy for the Disney fanatic in all of us. And all my Valve games that I have on Steam so I’m ridding myself of the physical copies to make space.