Austin may be free of the cell phone app addiction, but it resurfaces from time to time. The original script of this comic had Bryan overwhelmed by zombies as Austin waited on the plants to grow. I didn’t feel it had as much punch but I liked the whole game cross-over idea.

Dead Rising 3 got good reviews from the looks of it. I’m a big fan of the Dead Rising series. It presents a gameplay style different from most games that really puts freedom into the hands of the gamer, but at the price of requiring discipline to complete the game in time. I imagine most people that disliked them did so because of that, but to each there own. The ways you fight zombies are both epic, or comedic, or both. Speaking of comedic, its amazing to put the main character in ridiculous dresses and watch them in cut scenes acting all serious.

I find it weird that Dead Rising 3 was a X1 exclusive. Maybe Microsoft just scored a deal that they’d get to have the game as an exclusive at launch and PS4 players will get it in a few months to a year or something.