Extra credit to you if you know exactly what type of Spartan armor Austin is wearing here.

I finished the Fall of Reach animated series (It’s really more an animated film split into three parts than it is a series but let’s just pretend anyways). I can’t stop laughing at the fact that they called the series “The Fall of Reach” but they never actually even get to the part of the novel it’s based on in which the planet Reach actually… you know. Falls.

But I see no reason they can’t continue it. I say they should do a Volume 2 that finishes the novel “The Fall of Reach”, then do a third volume detailing the events of “First Strike” that involve the battle of Reach. Then, just for shits and giggles, maybe do Volume 4 from Noble Team’s perspective, but clear up some of the confusing issues most fans had concerning the game “Reach” and the book “The Fall of Reach”.

Just my thoughts on it. It will never stop being silly to me that, as of now, the only adaptation we have of the novel The Fall of Reach has absolutely nothing to do with the title event haha

And that’s enough from me. Back to playing HALO.