I was usually pretty okay with those chain messages if they were funny. If the content of the text itself did not produce a laugh, the value as a living being of the person who sent it usually decreased tremendously.

Anyways, so I had this premonition about this story arc telling me to start it asap. Due to the longer Bacon-Taco Monster story arc, we were well past the time that Halo: Spartan Assault was a relevant topic, but I felt I could still do the story arc acknowledging time had gone by since the release of the game. But the reason I felt the need to do it was I had this gut feeling that if I waited any longer, 343i would announce Halo: SA for consoles.

And sure enough: https://blogs.halowaypoint.com/Headlines/post/2013/10/29/Spartan-Assault-is-coming-to-Xbox-One-and-Xbox-360.aspx

The story arc has kind of veered away from being as much about Halo and more so about cell phones, but I’m actually excited about the timing of this news. I’ve reworked the script’s conclusion and am pleased with it.

As for Spartan Assault’s console editions. It doesn’t appear to be adding any story content, it’s the same 35 missions. However, there is the addition of a co-op mode where you fight against Flood. That sounds like fun to me. But one must point out the downside of this news for those who have already purchased the game on their phones, tablets or PCs. Like I said before, I am really happy with my phone beyond it’s Halo playing abilities so I’m not exactly feeling that “damn I should have just waited” regret. I am regretful that if I do download the console version, I would probably have to get all the achievements over again which is a bit annoying. I think I’ll just wait until after I’ve gotten the Halo edition Xbox One. Probably.