So again I’m not a big phone guy. Like the biggest feature I wanted on a cell phone, second to competent functionality, was a texting pad. That option is extinct now. The last phone I had which featured a texting pad was a complete piece of crap and was either freezing or lagging by about 40 seconds, which in an emergency situation I would be screwed. Cheap but reliable phones with the most basic features are gone so you HAVE to purchase a smart phone with all the smart phone like features, which means you HAVE to pay over $200 for it. Or go on contract for several years. Kinda really lame.

But I’ve mostly gotten over it and have integrated into this whole smart phone culture somewhat. I got Angry Birds Star Wars on my phone. I didn’t get the other Angry Birds games because [FRONK] that. The Star Wars one is pretty fun. And Sudoku. I’ve been playing a lot of Sudoku. I think I recall seeing the first Final Fantasy can be played on this phone so I guess I’ll get that soon too. Not like, soon soon. More like there’s no new relevant games I can play on my PC or console and have a shit ton of time to kill.

Which brings me to the point that phone app gaming is cool and all but it’s really just a time killer for when I’m on the toilet. Yeah, I’ll admit that, I beat most of Spartan Assault on the toilet. I have no shame.