In every Halo, when the warthog takes enough damage, a little fire animation appears at the front. In Halo 2 Anniversary, they went overboard with it. The fire is massive and intense, so much so that if a vehicle was creating a flame that large, it wouldn’t even be able to function for starters. But also, everyone in the vehicle who WASN’T wearing Spartan armor that can withstand flames to that degree would probably be dead. And if not dead, wishing they were dead.

I’ve found it hilarious every time I’m racing through Mombassa on the hog and it’s just engulfed in flame and the derpy marine on the turret’s just sitting there like “yep these third degree burns all over my body sure are swell.”

Unrelated. You know they’re making MEGA M&M’s? They’re like three times bigger than regular M&M’s, but there aren’t as many in the bag so you’re still getting the same amount of chocolate. I was at a theme park a few days ago and they were just handing out bags of them for free. So I made off with an entire box and no one tried to stop me. Then I jumped in my warthog and it caught on fire and all the chocolate melted 🙁