Every time I wear my “Han Shot First” t-shirt to school, this same guy always locates me to tell me Greedo shot first. Every time. I just finished a 10 week summer semester and wore that shirt almost every week and at least 9 out of 10 of those weeks, he found me. Like he just knows. He knows I’m there and sporting apparel that expresses my belief that George Lucas was wrong to alter that scene, and this guy always finds me to disagree. Almost like he’s expecting a reaction of some sort? Maybe he believes I’ll spaz out like the more socially awkward members of the Star Wars fandom?

I mean I actually really appreciate this guys ability. Like how does he do it? How does this keep happening? It’s only the best thing ever. It’s like the perfect troll. Perhaps in an alternate timeline, he and I would join forces and wreak havoc. But instead, I will continue to wear that shirt. And he will continue to find me. And the cycle will go on forever.