So if you follow my Facebook page, you’ll know that for the next month or so, we’re gonna have something a little different going on in place of comic posts. For the most part, I’ve got a brand spanking new art update coming up, and I decided that I’ll go ahead and make it live with the 400th comic. Problem here? I’m still kinda practicing at it, and there’s changes coming with it besides the art itself. I’ll detail all these things in the blog that’ll go along with the 400th comic. As well, with the 3 year anniversary coming up, I decided that that’s a good time to post it. So in the mean time, I’m gonna be doing some filler art utilizing Art Update 2.0 in all its chicken flavored glory. Sorry if anyone isn’t too thrilled about the comic being on a short hiatus. I’ve got finals for my Summer semester, and my little brother is home from Basic Training, so my time may be stretched, but my dedication to keeping the site alive and interacting with you guys is still 100% active. So I wanted to be able to keep updates going on the site but also practice and work out the details of Art Update 2.0, and I feel this will be really beneficial for me. In this time, I can also write up the next story arc (it won’t be as stupid as the last one, I promise). So until August 29th, the eve of the three year anniversary in which comic #400 will be posted, I hope you enjoy the filler arts. Each one will, as stated, use Art Update 2.0 and will show off the characters in different humorous or badass scenarios. The first one is called Warthog, and as you can see, it shows Austin finally getting to ride a real life Warthog… H4_M12_LRV   So… not quite the same thing but he’s seems to be excited all the same.