The next phase of the comics are really going to get into the whole football team thing. So I felt it’d be good to do a piece featuring Austin and Jacob, as that is where their rivalry really manifests most, but also get the QB, Adam, in as well.

So the 3 year comic-versary is coming up very soon, and as promised, the [official] 40oth comic. So I’ll let you guys know what’s going on. This week will be the last week of these filler art pieces. Next Monday will be a test comic (it’s a commissioned piece that I’ve been unable to do for the fan who requested it so I’m forcing myself to do it as a means of test running the new art style and drawing methods. Once Art Update 2.0 goes live, comic making time will definitely double as I’m adjusting and I didn’t wanna have to tell this fan she’ll have to wait longer)

Wednesday will be a Spartan Talk comic, obviously not using Art Update 2.0 as I always make those by taking screenshots in Halo, but it will utilize 2.0’s panel style.

And finally, on Friday, the 400th comic will debut. I’ll wait until then to really explain all this art update means to me and what it’s going to allow me to do as the writer and drawing person of this here web-comic and what I’ll be able to do and will be doing for all of you as my fans.

Oh, one other fun thing before I finish this blog:

Just some school projects I’ve done this semester. But maybe Flash animations can become a regular thing for the series, similar to (but not as heavily integrated) as it is for Homestuck? We’ll see.