In our world, she is Ashlee! Happy go-lucky cheerleader with an optimistic look on life. But in the world of (insert generic fictional MMO title meant to mimic all popular MMOs at this time) she is xXASHLEELOVESCHEERXx, matriarch of destruction, slaughterer of entire civilizations, leader of the “Cheer Is A Sport” guild which will mow down any who disagree with that claim. I thought it’d be funny if in her MMO, Ashlee was actually just naturally destructive and one of the figures in the game everyone feared. As far as regular good ol’ real world Ashlee goes, her biggest change in Art Update 2.0 is that she is now actually taller than most the characters. Yaaaaaay. (Sorry, I don’t consider this piece done at all. Today I had a seven hour work shift right smack in the middle of the day and then dinner with my family which I couldn’t pass due to my little brother only being home for a few more days before he’s shipped out over seas. So this isn’t done, I had a better idea for the background in mind but just had not the time to do it #sadface #yesIjusthashtaggedonawordpressblog I’ll definitely fix it up with what I had in mind over the weekend but until then enjoy Ashlee and xXASHLEELOVESCHEERXx)