Soooooo Steve Downes, voice actor of the Master Chief, confirmed in an interview with Gamezone that Halo 2 Anniversary is the 2014 Halo release, with Halo 5 slated for 2015. While I know I couldn’t have been the only person calling this before the rumors popped up, I can at least say that I did in fact call it haha most recently HERE but many times before then as well. Halo Combat Evolved was really successful, so why they’d skip on another anniversary game for the only other classic Halo didn’t make much sense.

I’m sure there are fans upset about this. I however am not. It means they are taking their time on the actual installments. When I saw a trailer for what I assumed was Halo 5 at E3, I wasn’t keen on the idea of Halo going down to a two-year cycle, especially since Halo 4 was on a 3-year cycle and still had things that needed more work. Also, I’d like more time to save up for an Xbox One haha So bring on the Halo 2 Anniversary! Halo 2 is still my favorite!

Now onto some non-Halo blog material (what that’s a thing?) It’s almost Friday and Obama is in my hometown right now. Probably talking about president stuff. Or trying to fund a kickstarter. A lot of people are doing that here lately so it wouldn’t surprise me if he was like “hey could you help with my project? Like $20 is what most people donate.” The funniest thing about where I live is that the people who are conservative are REALLY conservative and the people who are liberal are REALLY liberal. So today will either be really funny or really boring. Either way I’m visiting my girlfriend out of town so yay me!! I’ll have to be filled in on it.

Random guess on what I’ll hear? Recap 1: “He really hit on all the issues, I think he’s got the right ideas.” Recap 2: “He really hit on all the issues, but I don’t think he’s got the right ideas.” Recap 3: “He weaseled around all the issues like the weasel he is.” Recap 4: “He is God. All who disagree to any varying degree are racist.”

If you haven’t picked up from my multiple comics starring a set of politically obsessed twins usually making hypocritical statements, I kinda hate politics. But at the same time I pay enough attention to it, which is probably WHY I hate politics. [FRONK]ing politics. ‘Murica.

Speaking of Kickstarters, a friend of mine just launched his. He’s a major advocate of cartoons and has been a big help to me in my own web-comic adventures. If you want, go check out his project HERE. Like $20 is what most people donate.