So ends the one page a night for 40 nights marathon. I’m happy that the process that allowed me to pull that off worked out, and I certainly hope everyone enjoyed the increase in comics. This is definitely not the last time I’ll be doing this haha

Doing this has had a ton of other benefits I didn’t project. For starters, I’ve already finished the next story arc which starts posting Monday (on the regular MWF schedule) which means I’ve got the next three weeks to write up another story arc and get a jump on it. It ends the week Halo 5 comics out, meaning I already have that week free to play some Halo, and it’s almost a month away. I’ve never been this ahead before.

I’ve also had a lot of time to dedicate to school, which is also nice.

And fate had it that the big move my family was doing that was supposed to be done in April FINALLY happened last month. The amount of work that required was pretty heavy, and I would surely had fallen behind on the regular hand-to-mouth process I normally work on. So I got pretty lucky having just over a month off from comic making to help out with that.

At some point I’m going to complete another 40 page story arc ahead of time and it won’t coincide with life as much, so maybe when that happens I’ll have some time to work on my art. I’d really like to get a little better detailed with backgrounds and shading.

So yeah, with the conclusion of another story arc, as usual I’d like to hear from any readers so let me know how this was!