If politics were to be discussed only after watching an Xbox fan and Playstation fan go at each other’s throats, the following debate would be mild in comparison.

So the Xbox One is now on the market and we are officially in the next generation of gaming now that all three next gen consoles are out. The PS4’s hardware issues are alarming but I think they handled that fix really well in making sure gamers get their console repaired and back in their possession as soon as possible. Lets see if Xbox One has any issues like that.

Ryse reviews of course are out. Much as I predicted, game play is repetitive, but the visuals are great. Story is hit or miss depending on the player. I’ll probably check it out eventually.

But lezbehonest. Halo’s Xbox One title. Let’s see something on that! haha Halo 4 was announced in E3 2011, and didn’t show anything new until about January-February 2012. So I guess 343 will follow that pattern, but still considering I’ve beaten Spartan Assault to 100% and I’ve almost got my Halo 4 Spartan maxed out in rank, I’m soon going to run out of Halo stuff to do 🙁

I guess I can always focus on getting the achievements of previous games for a while…