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Alright so as if the Gods of Halo (Forerunners I guess would be a valid term. Precursors even, if you want to get into the deeper parts of the Halo lore) wanted me to be able to play Spartan Assault, a couple weeks ago I finally got tired of my phone and used a family member’s upgrade to get a new one. I got myself a Windows phone so I could play Halo: SA. Not just for that, the windows 8 phones are actually pretty nifty as far as phones go. I’m not actually very big on smart phones so for me to have any interests in such a thing is kind of a big deal to me haha the battery seems to be progressively getting weaker so that may be a problem later on.

Anyways. Spartan Assault. That’s why we’re here.

It’s functional and fun as top-down shooter. It gets a little tricky doing things such as throwing grenades by double tapping the screen, because when you do touch the screen you can occasionally hit the “direction” corner which changes the way your facing and throws your grenade at the wrong target or just nothing at all. It’s not a game breaker, though. As far as transferring the Halo feel into a new genre, they did a pretty great job.

As a huge fan of the lore, the game’s story wasn’t the most stimulating. Not that I was expecting it to be. I was excited to get a back story to Palmer but the game being the way it is didn’t leave much room for dialogue. Every chapter of the game opened with the UNSC Infinity’s AI Rowland giving a history lesson about the battle you are about to play, and then you play it. Once again, this works fine for its genre. And I mean its still cool to check out a different battle in the Halo universe but if you’re looking for the type of character drive presented in Halo 4 or Halo 3: ODST, there’s not much. Though the additional chapter added by a title update, “Operation Hydra” did give us some insight into Palmer as she takes over for Rowland on the history lesson. Not much, but it was something.

But let me reiterate that as far as an app title such as this goes, the gameplay was really the selling point. And it is fun. Going back into missions to complete challenges and get gold stars gives it great replay value. Spartan Assault is a fun way to immerse yourself into the Halo universe on the go, which I’ve wanted in some form since I was just a young Halo fan wishing I was home so I could play our new copy of Halo 2. Though I do hope that next time they consider releasing a game such as this as an Xbox Live arcade title as well.