Crackdown was the first game I ever owned on 360, and a damn good game to start with. It was fun. It was absurd. It was sandbox perfection. The sequel was a disappointment, but it looks like they could be learning on their third go round.

Bringing up the absurdity of this series, a huge sell of the next game is how destructive the environment is. You can blow up a building so it will collapse into another building. Realistically, thousands of people could be harmed or even killed in such destruction.

As I’ve already talked about how video games about cops can never be realistic, and did in fact bring up Crackdown in that blog, I won’t go into just why realism must be thrown out the door in order for a game about cops to be fun *cough cough* PAPERWORK *cough*. But every single time I watch that building fall over, despite my desire to knock that building the [FRONK] over myself, I still can’t help thinking about how many people get killed in the process. Like, okay, there’s a drug lord in that building. In the past year that drug lord has killed over a thousand people. So we’re going to kill just as many people in one night by throwing a building at his building. FUTURE CRIME FIGHTING IS NOW.