So a few days ago 343i released the controls for Halo 4, and just like Reach, the default controls are just like Call of Duty’s. This is honestly a major annoyance for me. I don’t mind that they have the Call of Duty controls as an option, but swapping them as the default is like telling your own fan base they aren’t important haha

But what really makes me laugh about this is that the most hardcore Call of Duty fans play their game using the “tactical” controls, which is basically Halo 3’s controls. In other words, Bungie with Halo: Reach and 343i with Halo 4 made the control scheme like Call of Duty in hopes of gaining some of those fans, while the most dedicated of those fans play using a control scheme that HALO made popular haha oh lordy lord, people confuse me.

As long as the traditional Halo controls are there, I won’t be burning down anybody’s houses. But honestly, this whole “try to get the Call of Duty fan base into our game” thing is getting out of hand.