A new Destiny collection has been announced. This one contains all previous DLC with the addition of the newest DLC campaign.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love me some Destiny. I just regret the amount of money I’ve put into it unnecessarily. I had previously made the decision to just buy the game that would inevitably be released a year after launch with all DLC, only to be talked out of it a week before it launched. I put down $60 on just the base game, which was honestly a horrible investment for many reasons.

Then one year later, The Taken King Legendary Edition was released, which included the base game plus all DLC. I decided since I didn’t have the game on Xbox One, I might as well grab it. Had I waited a year like I originally planned instead of buying the game at launch, The Taken King was truly the experience I went into Destiny expecting. However I’m dumb and bought the base game and then rebought it a year later. Because idiocy.

And now here we are with the newest DLC, being released bundled with all the previous DLCs with the main game.

I’m definitely going to buy just the DLC, I obviously have no reason to spend $60 on the bundle. I’m just a little annoyed that I let myself make this decision and have spent so much money on this game where as a little patience and I would have been able to have the largest and most immersive experience ever for a great price. The best part of all of this is the friends who convinced me to buy Destiny at launch decided they hated the game a week later and all stopped playing lol

Whatevers. At least Destiny IS a super fun game now. I’m just going to be extra careful to stick to my rule of not buying DLC heavy titles until at least a year after launch.