The Tetris movie has a budget for $80 million. Let that sink in. Let it sink deeeeeeeeeep in. Deeper. DEEPER.

That got really weird and I apologize.

But seriously, wtf. WHAT. THE FRONKO HOLLYWOOD. Are we so friggin desperate to not have to come up with original ideas that we scrape the bottom of the metaphorical barrel for any resemblance of a recognizable brand??

SURE. Maybe they’re going to spruce it up with some weird ass sci-fi twist. Maybe it’ll be a comedy that is self aware? That’s the only way I see this working. And even still, its not like Tetris has legions of adoring fans who are just excited to see the film adaptation.

This is Hollywood at its absolute laziest. I feel like, for all work the writers will have to do to make something as basic and storyless as Tetris have a story, the movie will end up an original concept. And at that point, the name is nothing more than lazy marketers letting familiarity do their job for them. AND IN CASE YOU’RE WONDERING, THAT SHIT KIND OF ANNOYS ME.