Hope everyone has been enjoying the season! As it’s Christmas, I decided to do some filler art for the day. Here’s a little something Star Wars for all of you who are still super hyped on The Force Awakens. I know I am!

I actually have two things to share with you all tonight.


Twelve years ago in the sixth grade, I and one of my best friends were doodling in class when I drew this picture of he and I. I’m very insecure about showing my old stuff. I struggle with the fact that you can see the things I was drawing in 2012 on this site, let alone things drawn back in 2004 with a set of color pencils. But this image is particularly special to me. It’s special to me because its the first drawing of my comic characters ever. This is what started my interest in this hobby, and while it would be a number of other things that led to the eventual web-comic, this is certainly the origin.

But tonight, some devastating news has contributed a new reason this image is special to me. Tonight I learned that the friend I drew here is no longer with us. I’m at a loss of words over it. Over every aspect of it. How horrible this must be for his family and loved ones and the fact that it was so sudden and unexpected. I’m having a bit of a nervous realization that you can wake up expecting to hang out with friends and family celebrating Christmas eve and not have a clue what awaits later that day.

Please, take nothing and no one for granted. I know this is a bit Hallmark, but those words have never felt more true to me. Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday to all of you. I wish you all the absolute best.