So off topic from the comic, Halo 4 is now one year old! Anyone playing matchmaking today will unlock the Guilty Spark emblem for their Spartan IV. Just thought I’d let any fellow Halo fans know.

Now on to the new consoles coming out very soon.

The Piss4 comes out on the 15th and the Xboner follows on the 22nd. I’ll probably be doing some one-offs about the console releases the week of the 18th. As stated before, I plan to purchase both systems at some point. Square Enix has announced that the HD Kingdom Hearts 2 remix will be out in 2014, and they wouldn’t ever release two games in one year. That means that Kingdom Hearts III is likely going to be a 2015 release, which considering the game wasn’t far into production as of its announcement, that timeline makes sense. So that will be more or less the time I get a Piss4. As for the Xboner, that depends on what is being released in 2014. If there is a Halo edition console then I will likely be getting it.

So in other words, I’m not buying the consoles right out of release, never really planned to haha I’m excited to see all the stuff that’s going to happen now though. Which games were talked up and which ones will be selling the consoles. As well, just being in a new console generation is going to be a big deal.