Bryan decided to take in the headcrab from THIS COMIC. He calls it fluffy.

Anyways, that “only ugly girls play video games” line? I regret to say I actually received that response when discussing this topic with a former friend who didn’t like video games. It was incredibly shallow, and as you can imagine that attitude had much to do with why I am no longer friends with someone like that haha

What’s funny was she considered herself a feminist, yet perpetuated a stereotype that says women are not allowed to engage in this form of entertainment or else there’s something wrong with them. And the thing she considered wrong with those women was her assumption that they must be “ugly”, ALSO perpetuating the idea that if a woman isn’t considered “pretty” by society’s standards, then she has no value. Needless to say I don’t think this person was intelligent enough to consider herself anything but breathing.

Gaming has a ways to go in light of becoming more welcoming to its female audience and potential audience. It’s on the right track for sure. There are a couple bumps here and there of course. But I think most male gamers don’t mind playing as a female protagonist in story driven stories, with the exception of RPG’s where you design your own character with which most people model the character after themselves. I hope to see more female characters take lead roles in future games though.