So I just read today that now Battlefront won’t even have a class system. It will instead have personal customization. I think everyone kinda saw that coming. I’ve already talked in a previous comic blog extensively about why this game is turning out to be an insult and shouldn’t be purchased if you truly respect what was once the Battlefront franchise.

But today’s blog is about how everyone is going to buy it anyways. Gaming is at this point about trends. What’s hot, what’s not. Everyone’s going to buy Battlefront. We can complain as much as we like but EA knows it’s going to be bought by multiple tiers of fanboys. First Star Wars fans who will love it simply for the thrill of playing a new Star Wars game. Then we have their regular buyers who frequent the Battlefield franchise. Those two combined are some big numbers. Enough numbers to have people talking about it, which leads to the next wave of people who cave because their friends are playing it.

In the end, everyone who hates the game owns it anyways. Because Star Wars Battlefront will be hot. The hype train’s already rolling. Reviewers aren’t going to give it a low score simply because it’s not anything like its predecessors. It’ll be a high scored, critically acclaimed money maker.

When I read about the lack of a class system, I check out the comments in the article. Everyone is complaining but in the end, EA doesn’t give a rats ass what we think of them. You think they care that they were voted the worst company in America twice? Their board probably laughed when they got that news while they were counting their endless profits. If their profits had taken a hit because of it, it’d be a different story. They speak one language, and that’s sales. And so long as people buy this game, our thoughts about them are meaningless.