Star Wars Anthology movie idea: A documentary showing the rise to stardom for Figrin D’an and the Model Nodes.

Okay seriousness time. Now what I like about Anthology is that they can go literally anywhere. Of course they’re going to get the bad stuff that the fans keep demanding done first (Boba Fett origin story for instance. I’m sorry everyone, he’s not really movie worthy) and then it’s like, where do they go!? DO THEY GO THOUSANDS OF YEARS INTO THE PAST? THE FUTURE? TO PLACES NEVER EVEN IMAGINED?

Sounds amazing but no we probably won’t . Why? The same reason most things we love get shat on. Marketing. Its a given that Star Wars pretty much markets itself, so it comes down to what makes more money fastest. Here’s a scenario:

Two dudes have movie ideas. Idea one is an alien force from outside the galaxy invades, wiping out both Republic and Sith armies, harvesting life and wiping out force users. Jedi and Sith for the first time since the first scuffle the two kinds had set aside differences and form the first alliance to defeat this enemy. Sounds cool right? Something different.

Idea two: Boba Fett is hired to save some guys daughter. Yay. Boba Fett as a good guy. (pro tip: the dude takes lives in exchange for money, he’s never a good guy, even if he’s occasionally hired to kill bad guys or save a good guy.)

Now throw these ideas in front of the marketers. They like the first idea. They know it CAN make money. But their job is to make as much money for corporate as possible. So they know there will need to be research done, design work. Lots and lots of design work to make the new Sith and Jedi protagonists look cool. Lots of research and design work to make this alien species action figure worthy. More work means spending more money.

Then they look at the Boba Fett idea. They already have pages of statistics and numbers saying Boba Fett makes lots of money. That idea immediately gets an okay before the original idea.

The original ideas, the cool stuff we’re excited about seeing, are not going to happen anytime soon because the first ideas are going to be things we’ve already seen that they know will make money right off the bat. X-Wing fighters are cool. First anthology movie is about X-Wing fighters. Han Solo is cool. There’s a Han Solo movie in the works. The problem is Lucas spent his entire career only truly developing for cinema a very tiny period of time. And he very religiously kept himself focused on that 30 year period between Episode 1 and Episode 6. And so that’s unfortunately where all the market research is focused. That’s where all the “for sures” are. And yes, it will be fun. But at one movie a year, it can burn out quickly.

I’ll keep positive. I’m just hoping we don’t have to see a whole lot of garbage and characters who aren’t really that exciting getting entire movies for themselves before we see something new come out of that universe for the first time in ages.