So it is time for me to explain how the next couple of week’s are going to play out.

For the next couple weeks I’m reducing the posting schedule to two comics a week. There will be one posted on Tuesday and another on Friday. There is a very specific reason for this.

I’m going to implement a system in which you guys will be able to submit ideas for what happens during the football game. I normally have roughly two days to make each comic (if I am not ahead of schedule). However, I want to give anyone willing to participate in this at least a day to send me their suggestions.

I’m in the middle of an internship, and I’m really loving it. However, it’s a Monday through Friday 9-5 commitment, meaning I only get a few hours at the end of every day to work on each comic and I don’t want to end up falling behind. So to ensure that I can continue dedicating a decent amount of time to each comic, I’m giving a whole extra day dedicated to letting everyone submit ideas and then preparing the ideas for being turned into a comic.

To give you a glimpse of how this reader controlled aspect of the story is going to play out, here’s what will happen.

Essentially, when the football game begins, the Washington Union football team will start a ridiculous play similar to the one Bob Michigan started at the beginning of the story arc. The way the play started was actually a suggestion from a fan. The first two comics of the Fan Play are already written based on that fan suggestion. However, every single comic after that will run off reader suggestions.

To avoid getting too crazy, I will only take one suggestion per comic. It’ll be through a Google survey system so the person who gave the idea will be anonymous to me. I’ll pick whichever one I think is goofiest. There are limitations, obviously nothing NSFW will ever make it into the comic. And keep it something I can do in roughly 4-6 panels. If it takes longer than two sentences to describe, I probably can’t implement it.

There will be more solid information about how this is going to work in two weeks when the suggestion box opens. I’m keeping the suggestions anonymous, but I don’t expect more than 6-8 suggestions per comic, if that. So hopefully everyone will get to see an idea of their’s implemented. Can’t wait to see if this works out or bombs haha