As discussed in my last blog post, the PS4 had a pretty light launch line-up. No exclusives really worthy of pointing out. From what I’ve noticed, a lot of people getting the PS4 saved Assassin’s of the Caribbean for the consoles launch, which is not a bad choice. I think maybe Lego Marvel Super Heroes would be another excellent pick, where as on the Xbox One you would clearly want to start with say Dead Rising 3, or maybe Ryse. Though Microsoft embargoed all reviews of Ryse: Son of Rome until the day before the Xbox One’s launch, which usually means reviews aren’t projected to be too good and they don’t want word of the game they’ve been using to sell their system not being worth the purchase circulating until AFTER sales are made rather than before.

I actually played Ryse back at San Diego Comic Con. Haven’t brought it up until now simply because it wasn’t really a notable experience, not to say it was a bad one either. Though I hear a lot of comparisons of it to say, God of War. God of War is much more fast paced. Ryse is kinda slow and the game holds your hand through combat. It was fine for the three minute demo I played but I imagine it’d get old pretty fast. Guess we’ll see when the review is out the day before.

I think this, on top of hardware issues, is a risk taken with owning a new console day one. All of the games on it are developed without truly knowing the powers being harnessed by the new generation. It takes some time before the true heart and soul is released.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed the butt themed comic.