Back in my high school, social media was actually banned and blocked on campus. Granted, not everyone had a smart phone by default back when I was in high school. We relied on the computers for Facebook, so the school simply put a block on all social media sites. “Oh darn, guess we should go back to learnin’ you guys.” HA! Get real. I subscribed to a proxy newsletter. Every single day, I would get multiple emails, all containing about 10 different proxy websites that you could use to get around the website blocks. They were always new sites so even when the school would block them at the end of one day,  there’d be a new one for me to use the next.

Eventually people caught wind of my proxy sites and I’d be approached several times a day by someone wanting to get into Myspace (yeah that was a thing that was popular, remember?) or Facebook or Twitter or whatever. I practically became a drug dealer. It was weird.

That was probably the most bad boy thing I did in my four years of high school. B|