A Tori 300 kicked into a bottomless pit joke was inevitable. It was going to happen whether I fought it or not. It was not an “if” so much as it was a “when”, so I guess my 300th comic was as good a time as any for a 300 reference.

It’s not completely irrelevant. 300 is getting a sequel next year. You can watch the trailer for it HERE.

Anyways. WHOO! 300 comics! Each hundred comic milestone seems to show up faster and faster. When I did the art update for the 200th comic, the new art style took me a little longer due to requiring more detail. At this time, it takes me about as long as I took before the art update, which is a good thing. Brings the question of what I should dedicate the new time I’ve gained through improvement to. Maybe the backgrounds, or maybe work on changing up the camera angle in every panel or so. Haven’t really decided on anything so I’ll just do what comes natural as I continue working!